“Donut worry, eat sprinkles!!!”

So, it’s no secret that banana and banani are NO master chefs. Despite being huge fans of master chef Jr, we are basically just kitchen savy enough to pull off the staples and a mean cocktail. Just because we’re devoid of any culinary talent of our own, doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the wonderful art of cooking. Lucky for our taste buds, we live with Samantha, or “Sami” as we call her, and she was born with a natural gift in the kitchen. She is constantly experimenting with new flavors, ingredients, and recipes, and magically, (especially to two girls who consider Mac and cheese an accomplishment), they always turn out just right. Fortunately for all of you, Sami has been kind enough to let us share the secrets behind some of the recipes she’s spoiled us with over the past few years. We present to you our very first “Bananabanani Sami” (like a sandwich, get it?) post –  the incomparable Cronut!



Sami’s Cronut Recipe

You will need:
Trader Joe’s frozen mini croissants
Canola Oil
Dutch oven or big pot to fry cronuts
Cookie sheet
Drying rack (or parchment paper and paper towels)

For the Glaze:
Powdered sugar
Vanilla almond milk

– Let the croissants rise over night so they can get nice and fluffy.
– For the glaze- for every 1/2 cup of powdered sugar mix 1 to 2 tablespoons of almond milk and whisk (you want an icing like consistency but not as thick) and then as many dashes of cinnamon as you like.

– Preheat oven to 350 degrees
– Reshape croissants to donut shape while trying to keep the dough fluffy. Save a couple small balls of dough to test oil later.
– Bake croissants for 3-5 mins until risen (don’t let them get too golden, so watch them carefully)
– Meanwhile, pour about 4-5 cups of oil in Dutch oven or pot, or enough oil to submerge croissants all the way. Heat should be medium to high- let oil get very hot.
– Now test oil with dough balls. The oil should bubble up and dough should rise to the top gradually turning dough to a golden brown. If it browns to quickly lower the heat.

Now to fry your cronuts!
– Gently drop two to three croissants into your oil. Watch carefully, allow 1-2 minutes per side until golden brown or as crispy as you prefer.

Once cronuts have cooled for 1-2 mins, drizzle the glaze on top – be generous! 🙂 if it’s a special occasion add sprinkles or whatever topping you like! Enjoy!



You can follow Sami (above) here!


Kumquat marmalade

“If more of us valued food and cheer above hoards of gold it would be a merrier world.” – J.R.R Tolkien

Kumquat marmalade – To Banana and Banani that sounds like a fancy restaurant, or an absurd stage name…but its a real thing! We can’t take credit for this recipe, but we were lucky enough to sample it! Hannah’s mom Julie, who also crafted the infamous Julie drink, prepared multiple jars of delicious kumquat marmalade this past weekend with kumquats straight from the tree in Ojai. It is perfect in the morning on toast or a biscuit, or to accompany a fruit, nut, and cheese platter. Mmmmkumquats! The funniest fruit name out there, and we can’t get enough!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 How to prepare:


34 kumquats

1 orange

2 lemons

6 cups of water

4 1/2 cups of sugar

Slice oranges and kumquats into thin slivers and remove the seeds. Add fruit to a large pot – adding 2 cups of water for every one cup of fruit. Cover the pot and let sit for four hours at room temperature. Then bring the contents to a boil and let them simmer on high heat for close to an hour (or until peels are tender and translucent). As it is boiling, add 3/4 cup of sugar for every one cup of fruit, and squeeze in the juice from the two lemons. Continue boiling until the mixture gels, turn off heat, and skim foam from the top. Transfer the marmalade to sterile canning jars, screw lids on tight, and process the jars in boiling water for five minutes. Once your marmalade has been canned, store it in a cool dark place, and refrigerate once it is opened. Enjoy!


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Hot Toddy

“She’s whiskey in a teacup” – Tom Waits


IMG_9369 lemonandhoney Don’t let a common cold keep you from celebrating! Our friends Haylee and Odie weren’t feeling 100% at our gathering last weekend, but as you can see this simple Hot Toddy cheered them right up!

2 oz of whiskey (we prefer Bulleit)  |  1 tbsp honey  |  4 oz of hot water  |  1 tsp of lemon juice


Liquid Crack

“When late morning rolls around, and you’re feeling a bit out of sorts, don’t worry; you’re probably just a little eleven o’ clockish” -Winnie the Pooh




Yerba3 Yerba4

Yerba Mate: aka, Liquid Crack – Being healthy and instant energy don’t always go hand in hand. It often requires copious amounts of sugar and chemicals to get a boost. No thanks! We found this drink at Whole Foods Market and it’s come to the rescue on those extra long days. Every flavor is delicious and as healthy as one can get drinking an “energy drink.” We present to you, Yerba Mate! When your traditional morning coffee isn’t doing the trick, grab one of these.

As with anything *drink in moderation.


Aromatic Drink

“Trust me, you can dance” – Vodka
For the record, above is what Banani looks like during the process. No pictures please, I’m tired now!
Time for our 2nd featured mom alcoholic beverage. A little party never hurt nobody! Dani’s mom, Areta, can not only make any food dish you throw at her, but she can also whip up a mean cocktail – garnishes and all. A trait that Banani didn’t exactly inherit. Oops!
This drink has a mix of fun flavors AND includes colored sugar; who doesn’t love that? Thanks, Areta for sharing this snazzy concoction with us!
1 Shot of Vodka  |  Half glass Pear Juice  |  Prosecco  |  Cranberries on Rosemary |  Rim of sugar
Let us know how it turns out and if you get creative and try different mixes, we’d love to hear about them.

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