Nature Toned

“Look deep into nature, you will understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein

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Banani had one last park adventure in Georgia. The parks in Georgia are massive and beautiful. It’s a must on a list of go-to spots. Due to the weather slowly getting warmer and warmer it seemed appropriate to do an outfit post with nature tones. This fringe purse is a new favorite to pair up with a casual outfit and goes great with so many colors.

By the way…

Banana & Banani will be reunited! 1 more week.

Outfit details:

Jcrew pants here  |  Jcrew black top here  |  Tom’s Wedges here  (these shoes are seriously so comfortable. I even wear them on set when I’m working)  |  Urban outfitters fringe purse – similar one here 

MAC lipstick color Patisserie here 



Hey May Day!

“If you love it, buy it. (Otherwise someone else will) ” – Anonymous

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Cold pressed juices are the only real way I get my nutrients – I live for them! Bamboo Juices was at the May Day Festival and this spinach apple juice was one of the best I’ve tasted. Hats off to you!

Update from Banani:

Life is well…busy. I found some time this past weekend though to drive to Serenbe Farms in Georgia. It was their ‘May Day Festival’ so the whole town was surrounded by art, food trucks, entertainment, and shopping. Items you can’t find at most “chain” stores are top of my list. I managed to buy a few items that I could fit in my luggage but will be an avid online shopper for these boutiques. A few stores only have Facebook pages but you can still email to ask about items they post.  Search the sites/Facebook’s below and you’ll see what I’m talking about… great finds to create some character in your home or fill it with unique knickknacks. You know, the little things.

Here were some of my favorites: 

Graphite object pen bought at Twig  | also can be found here by the company who creates them

Lady Bug Tic Tac Toe (not for sale but so cute) was at Selborne Sweets  | found one here though

Marquis Anchor bought at Greenhouse

Gluten is my Bitch bought at Resource  |  also can be found here



Inman Park Creations

Happy Thursday – from Atlanta.

“Creative people are curious, flexible, persistent, & independent with a tremendous spirit of adventure & a love of play.” – Henri Matisse

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^^^ This place gives “free shit haircuts.” Love it!!

Any time off is usually dedicated to one of the best spots here in Atlanta…Inman Park. Every city in the world should have an Inman Park. It’s an area of shops, adorable restaurants, parks, and is attached to the Beltline. It brings together an eclectic group of people and is always busy (but in a good way) with families, pets, friends, joggers, bikers, etc. It inspires the artist in you.

Grabbed some Top Shop shades and strolled for hours. It’s so fun!

Would love to hear what version of an Inman Park you all have…




So, we have taken a short break from blogging and have been packing for travel and enjoying the warm weather. It’s Spring time!

Stay tuned for upcoming posts featured not only in LA but now Atlanta! Banani will be featuring hot-lanta finds while she is away on work while Banana keeps you in the know with everything LA.

In the meantime we found this super cute poster and couldn’t resist sharing. We encourage you to be inspired and “Go Play Outside.”



Thanks for following and stay tuned…



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